The Lithuanian Legal System

The Lithuanian legal system is principally based on the legal traditions of continental Europe. During the last decade, the state’s central priority was harmonisation of the Lithuanian law with the European Union law. From 1 May 2004, all of the European Union’s legal acts (directives, regulations) are also a constituent part of Lithuanian law. Official access to all legal acts of the European Law is provided here.

The main areas of law in Lithuania are contained in codes (e.g. Civil Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Labour Code, Customs Code etc.). Therefore, most of the legal provisions can be found in codes. In business and everyday life, Civil Code plays a leading role, as it regulates relations between people as well as disputes between businesses.


Lithuanian Law Online

Lithuanian law online – full text of Lithuanian laws, in English, including:

  • Legal acts adopted by the Parliament (Seimas) and subordinate institutions, national government, municipalities, courts, and many other institutions;
  • 1992 Lithuanian Constitution;
  • Civil Code & Labour Code.

English translations are not often available for other codes, or for amendments and supplements.

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