Lithuania’s Startup Ecosystem

Lithuania is a business-friendly country ideal for young entrepreneurs and skilled professionals and trusted by the top corporates such as IBM, Barclays, Western Union, AIG, Nasdaq, Thermo Fisher Scientific, as well as global startups like Uber, and many more. Lithuania also succeeds in the Talent, being a country full of ambitious, energetic, skilled and talented young people ready to work. Moreover, the country provides the fastest and safest internet access in Europe. All these conditions combined with a rapidly growing startup ecosystem make the Baltic state an ideal place for companies to set up shop and scale up.

With several high volume A and B series investments into the strongest Lithuanian startups, such as Trafi, Aimbrain, TransferGo and a couple of sizable ICOs made by Monetha, Mysterium Networks and Bankera, the Lithuanian startup ecosystem is showing some real muscle. The country’s biggest tech hub, Vilnius Tech Park, which opened last year, has also been a major attraction for startups, which consider moving to Lithuania. After all, it’s the biggest tech hub of its kind in the entire CEE region with 9,000 square metres of offices, co-working spaces, cafeterias, conference rooms, and recreational areas. Keep in mind that Vilnius has been chosen as the most affordable European destination by the Independent, which means that staying here won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


Newly launched Vilnius Tech Map showcases the local tech industry

Vilnius has recently launched the Vilnius Tech Map – a one-stop source for more than 1,400 local tech industry players, including tech startups, investors, workspaces, and accelerators based in the city.

Vilnius Tech Map