Private Rentals

The quickest way to find housing in Vilnius is renting from a private landlord. You can find private rentals by contacting a real-estate agent or simply visiting Aruodas, Inreal, Domoplius and conducting a search based on your specific housing needs. Average monthly prices are around €400 for a small apartment in or near the city centre, and around €630 for a larger one. When renting a property from a private owner, make sure that you have verified and properly understood the rental contract before signing it.

Note: the prices mentioned are based on information provided by the teleport portal (Source: Teleport).

When searching for a potential flat it is advisable to contact and keep in touch with a real-estate agent. They might be able to find you a better deal.

The biggest real estate agencies in Vilnius:




Like any major city Vilnius has quite a few neighbourhoods with their own characters and quite a different environment so everyone can choose accordingly:

Old Town – Historic, central, easy to reach everything, popular among international residents

Užupis – Hip and artsy, close to the Old Town, calm, popular among international residents

Žvėrynas – Very green, attractive architecture, close to the City Centre, popular among international residents

Naujamiestis – Close to the Old Town, good infrastructure, quite popular among students

Baltupiai – Very quiet, very green

Šeškinė – Residential, a number of shopping centres, quiet, good infrastructure

Žirmūnai – Good infrastructure, good facilities, popular among families

Antakalnis – Good infrastructure, many green spaces, every part of the city easily reachable, popular among international residents

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