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Blue Card for non-EU residents

“Blue Card” is a permit that allows highly-qualified citizens from the non-European Union countries to legally reside and work in an EU member state. Blue Card is issued to an employee with a university degree or at least 5 years of professional experience.

To be eligible for a Blue Card, an employee must be paid a salary equivalent to at least 3 times the average national salary (at the time of publication, 3 times the average national salary equals €2,380, before taxes), except for practitioners of 27 key professions (see below).

A Blue Card in Lithuania is usually issued for 3 years. If the term of the labour contract is for a shorter period, a Blue Card may be issued for the duration of the contract plus 3 months.

Family members of a Blue Card holder are also allowed to reside in the Republic of Lithuania. They will be issued a permit to temporarily reside in Lithuania for the same duration as their Blue-Card-holding family member.

More information is about the procedure of obtaining a Blue Card and relocation is provided here and on the official Blue Card website.

Expedited Blue Card procedure

IT specialists from the non-EU countries can receive Lithuanian living and working permits on an expedited basis (30 days regular, 15 days fast-track), provided their labour contract is for at least one year and the salary is at least 1.5 times the national average (at the time of publication, 1.5 times the average national salary equals €1,190, before taxes). The list of the profession you will find here.


International private schools in Vilnius

American International School in Vilnius (AISV):

  • English

International Meridian School (VIMS):

  • Lithuanian
  • English
  • Turkish

Lycée International Français de Vilnius:

  • French

Marina Mižigurskaya private gymnasium:

  • Lithuanian
  • Russian
  • Polish

Vilnius International School (VIS):

  • English