Business registration

The Italian Business Register (Registro Imprese)

The Italian Business Register provides a complete picture of the legal position of each company and is a key archive for drawing up indicators of economic and business development in each area to which it belongs.

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The Rome Chamber of Commerce

To register a new company in Rome, the Chamber of Commerce has an online portal. All applicatiosn must be submitted through this platform.

The Chamber of Commerce’s main goal is to support and promote the local business’ general interests, as well as to develop appropriate local governance strategies.

Finally, the Rome Chamber of Commerce office focuses its activity and services on studies and analysis on emerging local matters, issues and trends, also through the study and circulating statistic-economy information.

Legal system

The Italian legal system is based on civil law. The main types of Italian company (società di capitali) are :
  • Joint stock company (Società per azioni) (SpA),
  • Limited liability company (Società a responsabilità limitata) (Srl),
  • Company limited by shares (Società in accomandita per azioni)(SapA).
The Italian types of partnerships (società di persone) are:
  • Simple partnership (Società semplice) (Ss).
  • General partnership (Società in nome collettivo) (Snc).
  • Limited partnership (Società in accomandita semplice) (Sas).
Other forms of business vehicle that can be used in Italy are:
  • Investment funds, which are highly regulated by Italian law and are subject to supervision by the Bank of Italy.
  • Contractual consortia and corporated consortia (società corsortili).

Establishing a presence from abroad

An overseas company can trade directly in Italy through a franchise, agency or distribution agreement, or an Italian branch. No trading activity can be carried out through a representative office.
An Italian branch may face licensing requirements if it conducts regulated activities. Foreign companies usually set-up an Italian branch or incorporate an Italian company.
How can an overseas company trade directly in your jurisdiction?
The most common options for foreign companies establishing a business presence in Italy are:
  • Appointment of an agent, distributor or franchisee,
  • Opening of a representative office,
  • Establishment of a branch,
  • Incorporation of a subsidiary.