Supporting organizations

Startup Support in Rome

There are several organizations, both public and private, supporting the Roman startup ecosystem growth. They propose a variety of services, from technical consulting to bureaucratic support, fundraising assistance and market test.

Below, you will find a list of the main supporting organizations in Rome:





    Rome Chamber of Commerce – Special Agencies

A targeted policy of support for the local economy is promoted by the Rome Chamber of Commerce through the activities of its Special Agencies, which operate in support of the central structure:

  • ARM – Azienda Romana Mercati : An agency specialised in the development and promotion of the agri-foodstuffs sector and also manages the Goods Stock Exchange.
  • Asset-Camera : An agency specialised in the coordination of communication within the Rome Chamber of Commerce network and implements projects aimed at the development of the local industry through a series of territorial promotion activities. The Agency also supports the Chamber of Commerce in the management of innovative services for users.
  • Arbitration Court : Its mission is to assist companies in seeking arbitration and amicable settlement of disputes as an alternative to conventional legal means.
  • IRFI – Istituto Romano per la Formazione Imprenditoriale : A special Agency involved in training for the entrepreneurial sector. Its mission is to conduct research, consulting services, organisation and management in the training sector in collaboration with other institutions and professional associations.