International Events

  • Maker Faire Europe The European Edition 4.0, startups and innovators are invited to participate and contribute to creative entrepreneurship. Exhibit at Maker Faire means high visibility, business contacts, networking opportunities with people, investors and media from all over the world.
  • Codemotion is the biggest european technical conference on software development. If you are planning to hire developers, meet them, or sell something to them, you might want to be involved. On a developer side, Codemotion is both a career day and a technical conference with countless talks held by AWESOME speakers from around the world. Andrew Tanenbaum, Christian Heilman, Kevlin Henney, Bermon Painter, James Weaver, Bruce Lawson, just to name a few.
  • Rome Startup Week brings together hundreds of city start-up ecosystem professionals, around 22 events, including workshops, conferences, and training days. The objective is to conceive a structured week around well-defined topics: finance, marketing & communication, open innovation, innovation policies, public institutions, business methodologies.