Rome has the largest concentration of both private and public incubators/ accelerators/ foundries in Italy.

The Roman Startup Ecosystem has grown fast in the past few years. The number of private, public and international initiatives to sustain innovative entrepreneurship in the territory is exploding. 

Among the actors constituing the ecosystem, we identified:

  • 20 incubators / accelerators;
  • 12 FabLabs;
  • 5 Technology Transfer Centres;
  • 50 Smart Working Centres.

Besides, more than 20 associations and institutions with specific entrepreneurial programmes are contributing to the emergence of a Roman tech culture.


In total, 27 acceleration structures are located in the Regione Lazio, among which 20 are in Rome. These structures are currently investing or validating about 120/150 tech startups per year, most of which raise locally Seed Rounds from 300k up to 1M euros


Deep research centres are internationally recognized for their expertise on the following fields :

  • energy
  • cleantech
  • materials
  • computer sciences
  • aerospace & defence
  • telecommunications
  • foodtech
  • physics & biotech