Rome – Innovating since 753 b.C.

Rome is…


  • The largest European Metropolis on the Mediterranean basin


  • The single city with the biggest amount of cultural heritage  in the world


  • The city with the longest coast (around 20km) and largest green area (42 parks and gardens) in the continent


Advantages Of Starting Up In Rome


  • Lively scene of events ranging from pitch & drink, technology, entrepreneurship, maker movement and design. If you are a good planner you can do networking 24h a day


  • Many universities of Rome like La Sapienza, Tor Vergata, Roma Tre or Luiss are raising their interest in startups. Might be a good opportunity to connect with researchers, talents, or even getting office space


  • Plenty of places to get seed funding and move your first steps


  • The public sector, represented by the Regione Lazio, is willing to get involved in the startup world both as facilitator as well as investor. There is a lot of money at your disposal through this channel


  • A lot of big corporations have offices in Rome. This makes Rome a great place to meet your potential clients and not just investors or fellow startuppers


“If we could be reborn wherever we chose, how crowded Rome would be, populated by soulswho had spent their previouslives longing to inhabit a villa on the Janiculum Hill”

  Francine Prose, American Writer