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Porto’s Municipality provides various financial and fiscal incentives that increase the city’s attractiveness for investments, both in the national and in international context.

  • Urban Rehabilitation Areas – Porto’s City Council has delimited and defined the strategic programme of a set of Urban Rehabilitation Areas, in order to respond to the need of requalification and revitalisation of these territories, and to stimulate the qualification of the urban environment, the infrastructures’ improvement and the economic and social development of these areas. Learn more.
  • Municipal Tax for Real Estate – The Municipal Tax for Real Estate (Portuguese acronym – IMI), managed by the City Council, was reduced 10% between 2016 and 2017. Learn more.
  • Local Business Tax – A reduction of “Derrama” is applied to companies with a turnover of less than 150 thousand euros per year. Learn more.

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Other useful links:


Even though incubators are meant to give access to much more than space, they can be the perfect place to host your business in an early stage. Have a look at Porto’s innovation ecosystem map and get acquainted with the incubators in the city.


Coworking has become a big trend in Porto, so nowadays there are a lot of different places dedicated to different communities and professionals. They are open 24/7 and most of the times provide personalised offers to successfully meet your needs.

In case you are looking for some help in getting your soft landing in Porto, InvestPorto can give you a hand, from business location to legal matters.