You can find here all the information about the Portuguese tax system, in a summary of the fiscal main aspects that will help you understand the main rules.

When creating a company in Portugal, accounting will be necessary since the very beginning, to keep the record of the profit and loss of the company and to fill several reports annually. However, this is not the only reason why having an accounting service is important for your business. First of all, if you’re opening a company in Portugal for the first time, an accounting service will help you in adapting or extending the business to the new legal context and will provide audit.

Tax planning and compliance is another issue in which you need to use the accounting services in Portugal, either for a newly created or newly incorporated company. Most of the accounting activities are regular such as: billing, bank account management and contract management.

This is an important reason to acquire good accounting services in Portugal, able to serve you in the administration of your business. The professionalism of the service is vital and you must choose an accounting service which is transparent and correct.

What to look for when choosing your accounting services in Portugal?

  1. Check the clients’ testimonials of the accountant you want to work with. Subsequently you should check with the relevant institutions whether your accountant is chartered or certified.
  2. Find an accountant that is proactive and who keeps you informed of the changes in legislation which are important for your business.
  3. A good accounting service will also use good accounting computer programmes, for more efficient bookkeeping and tax planning.

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