Porto, the undefeated city


“Porto is a welcoming city with an amazing story of resilience. Interventions that Porto has promoted re-energized the region’s ability to embrace talent and creativity, relaunching innovation and encouraging the development and creation of projects in the present and future.”

Sofia Reis,  Ecosystem Explorer at Mindera


Why Porto?

Porto is the second city of Portugal but it is slowly conquering first place in the heart of many international players, from press to investors. Perfectly combining tradition with innovation, and history with future, Porto has become one of Western Europe’s most vibrant cities – and not only because of its success as a tourism destination.

As one of the major urban areas in Southern Europe, Porto is home to great number of tech companies, and SMEs that are leaders in their industries.

Porto has designed and embraced an innovation strategy, adopting an interdisciplinary approach in which the city’s well-known strengths are aligned with the excellence of the work developed by the academia. With the support of reference industry partners, this strategy is contributing to the creation of hundreds of jobs and transforming the city into a place where people, especially young entrepreneurs, are inspired by a new risk culture and integrated into a new multicultural and international ecosystem.

The city is attracting talent, creating new career opportunities, developing solutions required by citizens, reducing social exclusion and increasing security.

Porto is a facilitator of innovation. The city becomes a living lab, citizens challenge companies, entrepreneurs and researchers, and all of them work together to solve real problems, with differentiated solutions, able to be replicated.

This was the vision that made the city launch ScaleUp Porto., a coordinated program that is included in a broader municipal strategy for innovation and competitiveness, to foster employment, economic development, internationalisation and the well-being of citizens.

Last but not least, let’s not forget the thriving cultural scene, the sun and the unique ratio of quality versus cost of living that this city has to offer. Competing with big European capitals, Porto can quite soon justify its label as the undefeated city.