Venture Capital

There are a few Venture Capital Firms in Portugal, and some specifically headquartered in Porto. Besides the possibility of connecting with local and national investors, Porto also provides the chance to meet international investors.

The innovation ecosystem has been catching the attention of international investors, and the city has been developing this investment network by hosting events like the EBAN’s (European Business Angels Network) Annual Congress, or the Smart Capital 2017 by the International Venture Club.

On a shortlist, the major VC’s in the country include:

Portugal Ventures: a Venture Capital firm focused on innovative, technology-based companies, as well as on companies from the traditional Portuguese Tourism and Industrial sectors, with significant competitive advantages and oriented to export to global markets.



Experts, strategists, investors from around the globe looking for world class tech-based companies focused on retail and telecommunications towards a sustainable future.

Caixa Capital: a pioneering operator in the Portuguese market, with about 500 million euros under management and a total potential capital of 700 million euros for its managed funds.

Pathena: a specialised investment firm focused on boosting the success of Information Technology companies. Pathena partners have strong backgrounds and expertise both as entrepreneurs and as investors in the IT field, with a proven track record.

Accelerators and Incubators

Accelerators and incubators can invest in your startup with expertise, network and, depending on the programme, seed capital. In Porto you can find around 20 incubators, here are some of them:

And the following accelerators:


In Porto region, you can find several Business Angels, willing to help you sustain your business. Invicta Angels is the business angels association of Porto region. You can even find a number of business angels that are now co-investing with the government, in a recent initiative. Here are some of them:

  • Alfabeto Prodigio, Lda.
  • Argumentodisseia – Unipessoal, Lda.
  • Casper Ventures SGPS Lda
  • Creative Wings SGPS S.A
  • Distintoparadigma, Lda
  • Green Capital SGPS S.A
  • Indextalent II Lda
  • Iniciativa Incógnita, Lda
  • iSmart Ventures
  • Meiril
  • Startupdiscoveries SGPS S.A


Reward based crowdfunding was introduced in Portugal in 2011 by two platforms: Massivemov and PPL. Today PPL is the only reward-based crowdfunding that is still active in Portugal, having raised around 1.5 million euros for almost 500 successful projects.

The Portuguese bank NOVO BANCO launched a donation-based crowdfunding platform. Raize also started its activities in Portugal as a P2P business lending platform in 2014. This is a lending platform that is focusing on the SME eco-system, where usually robust and mature companies look for working capital.

In addition, although not officially operating in Portugal, a number of Portuguese projects are also published on the platforms of Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Seedrs. This last equity based crowdfunding platform has now a tech team in Portugal and it seems to be investing in attracting Portuguese startups and investors.

Bank Loans

Several banks in Portugal provide loans to SME’s and startups. For a list of all the Portuguese banks, click here.