Legal matters

In regulatory terms, the main law applicable to labour is Código do Trabalho (Labour Code). Alongside this law, there are also other regulations which govern the labour market, namely collective regulatory instruments, whose main objective is to regulate the activity of each sector.

One of the most important aspects of the law concerns employment contracts, by which a person agrees, in exchange for payment, to perform an intellectual or manual activity for another person or persons under the Organisation and authority of the latter.

Employment contracts

In Portugal there are the following types of employment contracts:

  • Fixed-term employment contract (Contrato de Trabalho a Termo)
  • Fixed-term employment contract (contrato de trabalho a tempo resolutivo)
  • Part-time contract (contrato de trabalho a tempo parcial)
  • Intermittent employment contract (contrato de trabalho a tempo intermitente)
  • Fixed service contract (contrato de trabalho em comissão de serviço)
  • Teleworking contract (contrato de teletrabalho)
  • Temporary employment contract (contrato de trabalho temporário)

There also exists a specific foreign worker employment contract (contrato de trabalho de estrangeiros) in Portugal, which is subject to the terms of Article 5 of the Labour Code.

Foreign or stateless workers who are authorised to work in Portugal enjoy the same employment rights and are subject to the same obligations as Portuguese nationals.

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Monthly Minimum Wage and Working Hours

All employees are guaranteed a minimum monthly wage, annually defined through specific legislation, after consultation with the Standing Committee for Social Dialogue (CPCS). For 2017, the national minimum wage is € 557 gross per month, for mainland Portugal (14 months per year).

The Portuguese Labour Law establishes a maximum of 8 daily working hours and 40 weekly working hours. The Collective Bargaining Agreement may fix less working hours per week or day.

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