Public Insurance Schemes

Foreign employees working in France are, in principle, registered with the French social security system regardless of their nationality or the location of their employer.

As such, the salary and benefits (benefits in kind, expatriation bonuses, etc.) paid to foreign employees are subject to all social security contributions at current rates, payable to the mandatory and supplementary schemes.

In return, employees and their families are covered by the French social security system, about which a further description can be found here.

Foreign employees may contribute to optional social security schemes in their home countries.

You may though opt for continued coverage by the health and social security system in your country of origin if a reciprocal social security agreement exists between your home country and France.

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Private Insurance

In addition to the Public Social Security Insurance, most people take out top-up insurance called Mutuelle.

House Insurance

In France, it is obligatory to insure one’s home whether it is rented or owned. Home insurance policies are comprehensive and cover any damage that might happen.

Business Insurance

Insurances are compulsory for some activities and strongly recommended for all companies.

Since 1st January 2016, employers are due to provide their employees with a complementary scheme.