Supporting organizations

Corporate Services – Point of Single Contact PSC

Contact PSC for answers to your entrepreneurial questions, advice on approvals and formalities, guidance through the local administration and coordination of paperwork.

Munich Business Startup Office | MEB

The MEB, a joint initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Munich and Upper Bavaria and the City of Munich, is a first contact point for all those who plan to set up their own business as a main source of income or sideline enterprise.

Business Associations and Chambers

In Munich, various bodies such as business associations and the chamber of commerce play an important role in the economic segment of society. For an explanation as well as an overview of all these instituions, please follow this link.

International business communities

A selection of organizations, clubs and associations that engage in and facilitate dialogue between Munich/Bavaria and the specified countries and regions can be found though this link.

Consulates in Munich

Click here to find a list of consulates general and honorary consulates in Munich and its suroundings.