International Talent

EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card is a temporary residence permit for living and working in Germany.

Who can apply for a EU Blue Card?
Nationals from all over the world – unless they are EU-nationals or citizens of Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Norway. Those do not need a Blue Card to live and work in Germany.

General requirements

Applicants for the EU Blue Card need:

  • a German university degree or
  • a degree comparable to a German university degree or
  • an acknowledged foreign diploma
  • an annual gross income of 50.800 euros. A lower limit of 39.624 euros applies to occupations where there is a skills shortage (such as natural scientists, mathematicians, engineers, physicians, and highly qualified IT professions)
    The income limits are valid for the year 2017 and are adjusted annually.

The EU Blue Card is tied to your employer.

Residence Permit for Self-employed Work

This residence permit authorizes the holder to take up self-employed work

No permit is required for

  • EU nationals, citizens of Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland or Switzerland and their family members
  • holders of a residence permit which expressly allows to engage in gainful activities

A permit may be granted if the business activity

  • meets special regional demands or coincides with overriding economic interests or is expected to have positive effects on the economy
  • has a solid financial basis (sufficient owner’s equity or a loan commitment)

Settlement Permit for Third-Country Highly Qualified Persons

Holders of a settlement permit are entitled to permanent residence in Germany. While most residence titles are initially issued on a temporary basis (like the EU Blue Card), highly qualified professionals may be granted a permanent-residence status directly upon their arrival.

Non-EU nationals who are highly qualified professionals can apply for a settlement permit (a permanent right to reside and work in Germany) if they meet the following requirements:

  •  applicants are likely to integrate into their host country’s way of life
  • they have sufficient means of subsistence

Highly qualified persons are in particular:

  • scientists with special technical knowledge
  • high-ranking teaching personnel
  • high-ranking scientific personnel

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