Milan has a vibrant city startup ecosystem.

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Startmap Milano is a digital platform aimed at mapping and valorizing the ecosystem of business creation in the metropolitan city of Milan.

Though often little-known, each local business ecosystems is a “collective good” that plays a pivotal role in stimulating the rise of new enterprises. It is thus very important to make them more visible and accessible, to the benefit of all those who may avail themselves of their services and resources.

Subjects have been included in the mapping basing on three criteria:

1) subjects whose mission is mostly, or at least partially, directed to supporting local entrepreneurship, or targeting new enterprises;

2) subjects whose operational headquarters are located within the reference area;

3) subjects who have an impact on the local business ecosystem by providing services aimed at business creation (including info points, infrastructure and logistics, professional services, partnerships and networking, training and human capital, financial resources, fund-seeking, tutorship, company-oriented services, administration).

Startmap Milano is a project by Human Plus Foundation, with contributions from Cariplo Foundation.

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