Milan is a trendy fashionable and popular place to live for many people, so finding a place to live can potentially be a challenge. But with research and the right advice, you can find your perfect home in this stunning city. When searching for accommodation, there are two possibilities which include: private rentals and buying property.


Buying Property

Buying your own property may be a good idea when settling in Milan and planning to stay for a longer period in Milan. It is highly recommended to meet a mortgage advisor to discuss what you will be able to afford and if you meet the requirements to get a mortgage loan in Milan.

In search of a potential house to buy, getting in contact with a registered real-estate agent may be a good idea. He or she will be able to help you find housing that will meet your budget and preferences.

Other options are the digital housing platforms or advertisement in local newspapers.


Private Rentals

Renting in the private sector is the quickest way to find housing in Milan. You can find private rentals by contacting a real-estate agent in Milan.

Furthermore, online websites such as Immobiliare, Idealista, Casa and Subito have a wide variety of private rentals listed on their websites.

The average monthly rent of a 45m2 furnished studio in a “normal” area in Milan is € 748,- and € 1,044 in an “expensive” area*.

When renting a property in the private sector, make sure that you have checked the contract with your landlord well before signing it.

*source: Expatisan – Cost of living in Milan.


Milan has an unique variety of neighbourhoods, with each of them having its own distinct character. You can consider living in the more traditional areas, like Brera and Porta Sempione, the more up and coming student areas of the Navigli area or the modern area of Garibaldi.

Visit the Comune di Milano (Milan Government) Map of Milan for more information on the neighbourhoods in Milan.

Visit the Comune di Milano (Milan Government) Tourism ‘Guide To The City’ to find out more information on the neighbourhoods in Milan.

Public Housing

Milan has a big social housing sector. The housing is reserved for people with a low income and the waiting list is long.

To find out more information go to Comune di Milano (Milan Government) Case Popolari (In Italian only).

Student Accomodation

If you are scaling up a business and are still a student, there are services in Milan that are useful. The Study in Milan website has an abundance of useful resources for housing in Milan. The Comune di Milano (Milan Government) department Agenzia Uni provides tailored services for finding students accomodation in Milan.