Education & Internships


Milan has a high class education system with a large number of outstanding higher education institutions. Some of these include:


For more in-depth information regarding higher education institutions in Milan, please refer to the Study In Milan website.

To find out The Italian University System Structure, please refer to Study in Milan – Studying website.

Tech and Startup Academies

In Milan there is a variety of Tech and Startup Academies in which people can educate and re-educate themselves, such as:

  • Formaper – Developed by The Italian Chamber of Commerce Formaper provides Entrepreneurship services and education to would-be entrepreneurs cover the entire cycle of enterprise development from business start-up and orientation to business development and growth.
  • Comune di Milano (City of Milan Government) Training Courses – The Comune di Milan (City of Milan Government) offers more than 560 training courses.
  • Talent Garden Innovation School – Provides training programmes that help individuals and companies to work with passion, lead, innovate and grow.
  • Innovation Executive – Provides training and education through lessons, business cases, testimonies, workshops,  and online projects of Disruptive Innovation. Equips professionals and managers  to design and implement the principles of digital transformation in their professional or business function.
  • Mind The Bridge Startup School – Startup School is a personalized entrepreneurship program that is tailored to help international participants develop startups. The program is a 2 week program that is conducted in Silicon Valley.
  • Officine Formative – A training workshop platform for accelerating to bring startups to market developed by Intesa SanPaolo. The platform includes a blog for stories, cases and news, provides opportunities to meet people at events, practical lessons to develop a startup, displaying your startup on the platform and finding startup partners.
  • Ninja Academy – Ninja Academy is a training school to educate professionals. A leader in online education that offers specialized training and specialized courses on theories and advanced marketing techniques using highly innovative and experiential training methods that help companies and professionals to tackle social and economic development.


Notable International Online Tech and Startup Academy Courses Include:


In Italy it is possible to hire interns. In Italy there are two types of internships, which are:

  • Curricular Placements
  • Extra-curricular Placements.

For more information and regulations of internships in Italy, please refer to the Italian Government – Internship website (In Italian).

For more information, refer to the INAPP Public Policy Innovation Internship Manual.