Business registration

Setting up your business

Setting up a business in Finland is quick, easy and you can do it online. Also, you can get most of the online forms required for registering your startup in Finland in English. Transparency, effective infrastructure and straightforwardness make the process of establishing a business in Finland quick, involving very few procedures and efficient (the whole process takes only 2 to 3 weeks). Choose a suitable form of enterprise, and register your company in the Finnish Patent and Registration Office’s Trade Register or through the Business Information System. 

Finnish Trade Register

The Finnish Trade Register is the official, public register for information about enterprises. The majority of Finnish businesses are limited companies and sole traders. Generally, all businesses must enrol in the Finnish Trade Register.  There is a small charge for registration of the business. With the same declaration, you can
also enrol in the registers of the Finnish Central Tax Administration, comprising the register for collection of tax at source, the register of employers and the register for those liable to VAT. There is no charge for enrollment in these registers.


Business ID

The business and organisation ID is a unique ID that the authorities give to businesses and organisations. The business ID is provided once the foundation of a business is recorded in the Finnish Business Information System (BIS). The business ID is required on invoices and contracts, and when using the Finnish Trade Register or dealing with the Finnish Central Tax Administration, among other things. Your new business is being issued an ID once your start-up notification has been added to the Business Information System (BIS). You can file a start-up notification for a private trader or a limited liability company either online or by using a paper form.