Venture Capital

Venture Capital Investors

Start your search By checking the  Finnish Venture Capital Association where you can search for the most suitable venture capital investor for your startup from all of their members.

Inventure is a leading early-stage venture capital company in the Nordics. They invest in innovative and fast-growing startups and high-tech companies willing to disrupt their industries.

Reaktor Ventures invests in seed stage companies and helps them create new markets and become global leaders in their industry. They have a team of 300 professionals who can provide support in design, engineering, recruiting, marketing, and more.

Butterfly Ventures focuses on early-stage technology companies with high growth potential. They do both pre-seed and seed investments. In the business model, they look especially for customer acquisition and retention logic, monetization logic and scalability.

Conor invests in high-ambition, early-stage technology companies with the potential and drive to become global winners in their industry categories.

Courage Ventures is a boutique advisory and seed investment fund with global networks. Their main focus is on education, health & wellness and environment.

Vision Plus invests in SaaS-companies, apps and Internet services.

Straightforward Capital is a venture capital company that invests in companies that are in their early growth stage and considers Finnish high-tech sector as their home market.

Lifeline Ventures specializes in startups, growth capital, and early stage investments. The firm seeks to invest in healthcare, games, web-based and general high-technology sectors.

Finnish Industry Investment is a government-owned investment company. They invest in Finnish companies, both directly and through private equity funds.


Angel Investors

FiBAN, Finnish Business Angel Network, is a non-profit association which acts as a link between growth companies and investors by providing companies with direct visibility to investors and aims to facilitate investment rounds in general. It is one of the largest and most active angel networks in Europe. FiBAN guidebook for entrepreneurs interested in raising angel investing can be found here.

Crowd Investing Platforms

FundedByMe is currently the fastest growing crowdfunding platform in Europe. It offers to crowdfund through equity or loan.

Invesdor is a pioneering equity-based crowdfunding platform. It provides an online investment matching service where entrepreneurs looking to raise equity financing can easily connect with investors who are seeking to discover and invest in exciting growth companies.

PocketVenture is a Finnish crowdfunding platform for investors and early-stage companies that are looking for funding.

Fundu offers a creative solution to financial challenges of growth companies through loans. Fundu loans are divided into two categories: bridge loans and normal company loans.

Mesenaatti is the biggest Finnish reward and donation-based crowdfunding platform.

Venture Bonsai is an equity crowdfunding service for European startups and growth companies.

Innovestor is an innovative investor and provider of equity funding solutions in Northern Europe.

Vauraus is a modern Finnish operator which offers loans for startups through their Yrityslainat and Kansalaisrahoitus crowdfunding services.

Business Angels Finland, is a key connector of Finnish startups and business angels. Their platform offers an easy access to multiple investor networks worldwide.

Suomen Bisnesenkelit is an association of private capital investors.

AngelList has many investors interested in Helsinki.

Other Investment Opportunities

Sitra, The Finnish Innovation Fund, is a future-oriented organization that invests in domestic early-stage companies mainly through venture capital funds.

WallStreet provides various financial services for companies at different stages.

Takeoff Partners are experienced growth advisors and private investors. Its main focus is on B2B software and service businesses.

Startup100 ranks the most prominent startups in Finland on a monthly basis. It is an interesting benchmarking tool for startups and can be a way for investors to find about your startup.


Loans granted by a bank or Finnvera are a common source of financing for a new entrepreneur. Finnvera is a specialised financing company owned by the State of Finland. It provides loans and guarantees to beginning or already operating businesses. Businesses that have the prerequisite to maintain profitable operations, but do not have the down payment or collateral required by banks may be granted a loan or a security by Finnvera.