Rent is relatively high in Helsinki and you should reserve time to find an apartment. Rental housing in Helsinki is owned by the City of Helsinki and many private landlords. Prices for rental housing are slightly cheaper on average in the neighboring municipalities (ie. Espoo and Vantaa).

Private rental housing

There are many landlords in Helsinki to which you can submit a housing application. For example, Sato, Vvo and Avara own rental apartments in Helsinki. Also, insurance companies, banks, and many private persons offer rental housing. You can find housing also through a private landlord for example on Vuokraovi.com.

City-owned rental housing

Normally, the city-owned rental housing is more affordable than privately-owned housing. However, there are a lot of applicants for city-owned rental housing and only a small number of applicants receive housing. You can apply for rental housing owned by the City of Helsinki online through the City apartment service.