Legal Offices

For those seeking representation in English, please refer to the Legal Assistance Page of the U.S. Embassy in Belgium.

The regional labour inspectorate

The Inspection régionale de l’Emploi (regional labour inspectorate) is responsible for checking that businesses comply with all prevailing labour laws in the Brussels-Capital Region with regard to foreign workers, private employment agencies, local development initiatives, job-market integration service providers and equal treatment. It also provides information to businesses on the laws for which it is competent and accepts complaints about the poor application of these laws. It should be noted that anonymous complaints are not generally followed up.



You can also contact the Inspection régionale de l’Emploi about any other problem connected to labour or social security law. They will endeavour to refer you to the right body.

Brussels Regional Public Service
Brussels Economy and Employment
Direction de l’Inspection régionale de l’Emploi
Boulevard du Jardin botanique, 20, 1035 Brussels