Like in any big city, finding an apartment to rent or buy is a process which involves careful planning, research, patience and a portion of good luck. Yet you can forego blind faith by doing your research beforehand, getting familiar with the city’s structure, district and public transport option and asking plenty of questions.

Useful websites to start with:

Buying Property

Buying your own housing is a top wish list for many Belgians. However, since there is so much information and offers on the market it is important that you first get sufficiently informed before you buy your own property.

To finance the purchase, you will most probably need to take out a mortgage. After signing a notarial deed, you will be the official owner of the property, and you will have to pay the annual property tax. You will also need insurance on your new home.

More information on buying and selling a home in French or Dutch.


If you buy a house or a building plot, you will normally become a subject to registration duty (in French or Dutch).

In some cases, the home that you buy may also be subject to VAT (in French or Dutch). If the home is new, the seller may opt to sell it as a subject to VAT.

Detailed information about the taxes which you must pay when you buy a house or a building plot is available in French or Dutch