Business location

Finding a Spot

As Antwerp sits at a prime location at the heart of Europe, with 65% of European purchasing power within easy access, we have a clear advantage. Antwerp lies at the heart, but is not overcrowded like Paris & London and we can offer great locations at an excellent price. Our Invest Desk excels at finding the right spot for your business, making it easier to partner with relevant organizations or to have your goods moved efficiently towards its destination. You can find a full list of price comparisons between European cities here.

Development areas

There are many areas in development as well:

  • Blue Gate Antwerp is a brownfield of 103 hectares in the southwest of Antwerp that is being redeveloped into a high-quality waterfront and eco-effective business area. Blue Gate Antwerp offers space to innovative production companies, waterway-linked logistics companies and research and development, and is fully committed to the circular economy.
  • The Churchill Industrial Zone is an ideal site for the development of a large-scale circular economy project. Within the port area the site is one of the few large remaining areas in the centre of Antwerp’s industrial cluster.
  • Saeftinghe Development Area, the northern expansion of the port on the Left Bank, comprises an area of approx. 1070 ha which will be developed for maritime, industrial and logistics activities. The construction of a tidal container dock is also planned here.
  • The port is developing areas on both the Left bank and the Right bank for specific logistics activities with multimodal access. The Spatial Structural Plan for Flanders has pencilled in the development of two logistics area: The Logistics Park Waasland (left bank) and the Logistics Park Schijns (right bank).

Industrial space

There are 752 hectares of land in the City of Antwerp that are developed or have development potential for industry and logistics. Over 56 hectares of that is unused and unallocated. The upper rental limit for industry is 43-48 euros/m²/year, while for logistics the upper rental limit stands at 46 euros/m²/year.

Property Listings

Do you want to explore available locations to setup? Take a look at our property listings.

Retail space

There are over a million square meters of retail space in the City of Antwerp (excluding the hospitality industry and services). Frictional vacancy amounts to some 85 000 m², which means that there is ready availability for new investors.

Office space

There are 1.7 million m2 of office space in the City of Antwerp, and so there are plenty of offices. The upper rental limits in the centre is 145 euros/m²/year.