Subsidies for start-ups

Kmo-portefeuille (Dutch): subsidy facilitating enterprises’ overhead costs, up to 10.000 EUR

Kmo-groeisubsidie (Dutch): enterprises investing in innovation & internationalization can earn this subsidy of up to 50.000 EUR

Startlening+ (Dutch): enterprises younger than 4 years can request this subordinated loan of up to 100,000 EUR

KMO-cofinanciering (Dutch): subordinated loan of up to 350,000 EUR (PMV)

microstart (Dutch): micro loans up to 15,000 EUR for entrepreneurs who can’t make use of standard bank loans

VLAIO (Dutch): a database detailing all possible Flemish subsidies for starters

At this time, most of the information available online is written in Dutch. The quickest way to good advice is contacting Innovatiecentrum at [email protected].

You can find more info about Subsidies and Tax shelters on our dedicated investment page.