Foreign nationals who want to be self-employed (freelancers) in Belgium must hold a professional card and follow the various steps on the link below to exercise their profession. Become a freelancer in Flanders.

General Info

Antwerp boasts top ranks in number of people working in the creative industry. This melting pot of  innovative and experienced designers ensures there is always a solid amount of freelancers with various skills ready to help realize your project.

Like the rest of Flanders, Antwerp is a Dutch-speaking city. The average Fleming, however, has a good command of several languages, most commonly English and French. However, many also have a command of German, Spanish and/or other languages. From an international perspective, language skills in Flanders are unique. Read more about our creative pool.

Freelance websites (governmental employment agency)

The personal connection

Got a great project, the right type of funding and only lack the people to start? We gladly help you look for the perfect profiles. Just send us a mail and we’ll inform you on opportunities fit towards your needs.