Business location

 Finding an Office

You can either decide to rent or buy office space. It is highly recommended to get in contact with a real-estate agent, who is specialized in business property. It is advisable to check if your potential real-estate agent is a member of the MVA (the association for real-estate agents in the metropolitan area of Amsterdam) or NVM (the Dutch association of real-estate agents). Funda has a high amount of business premises listed on their online platform.

Co-working Spaces

Setting up your business in one of the many co-working spaces in Amsterdam, is a nice way to become a part of the Amsterdam startup-community. Find global co-working spaces in Amsterdam, such as WeWork, ImpactHub and Spaces. Or base yourself in one of the many Amsterdam startup work spaces like B.Amsterdam (a startup paradise at the edge of the city), Rockstart Spaces, Hackers and Founders, TQ, StartDock, Bouncespace or Prodock – a unique co-working space at the Port of Amsterdam. Find your favorite one by looking the up in the coworking spaces directory and see where they are located on our startup map.