Noteworthy Articles

In order to get a taste of the Dutch tech scene it is important to consult the right sources. The articles listed below will give a good overview of the Amsterdam Ecosystem:

  1. The Amsterdam Tech Map
  2. A Rough Guide to the Amsterdam Ecosystem
  3. Why Foreign Startups Should Choose Amsterdam
  4. How Amsterdam is Becoming the New Silicon Valley

The Startup Map

The startup map is a topographical overview of all the important players in the Startup ecosystem of Amsterdam. The map displays the striking density of startup activity. An entrepreneur scouting Amsterdam as the base for his or her company can use to the map to outline who his potential collaborators or competitors will be. The benefits of this work two ways: a young company can nestle itself among startups operating in the same field, enabling a tapping into networks and experience. Secondly, the map can direct investors straight to the doors of startups disrupting the sector of their interest.