In the Netherlands there are several options for startups to benefit from public allowances, exemptions and subsidies. These are provided on a European, national, regional and local level. Some of the options are highlighted on this page. Check the Startup-box to see what kind of public financing schemes suits your startup the best. For more information, contact the Finance Desk of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce or visit the Answers for Business website.

The Proof-of-Concept Funding

Are you in the pre-development phase of an innovative idea or product? Then the Proof-of-Concept (POC) funding may be something that suits your company. Startups and SME’s can apply for this fund to test their idea or product. This funding serves as a loan with an annually set interest rate. More information can be found at this link.

SME Credit Guarantee Scheme

With this scheme the Dutch government provides guarantee for financial institutions to invest in SME’s. This incentives financial institutions to invest, for example, in newly established companies. More information on this scheme and participating financial institutions can be found on the following link.

SME + Innovation Fund

The SME + Innovation fund includes the Innovation Credit Scheme and the Seed Capital Scheme. The latter is based on the provision of capital by the Dutch government to investment funds, who are willing to invest in innovative startups. The scheme incentives investors to invest in these innovate startups. The Innovation Credit Scheme is for highly innovative SME’s with a product or idea that has financial risks attached to it. Click here to find out if you eligible to request these funds.