National Health Insurance

In the Netherlands, having a health insurance is mandatory for everyone. One can only get coverage when having a Citizen Service Number (BSN), which you will receive after your residence permit has been granted. Each individual can decide what kind of insurance fits best. There are two types of health insurance in the Netherlands. The basic health insurance is the minimum required form of health insurance for everyone, with premiums around €100 a month. Furthermore, most health insurance companies also offer an additional health insurance package. The additional packages can differ widely among health insurance companies. These additional coverages can include vaccinations, and contraception. Check the government’s website or this leaflet from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports for more information on health care insurance in the Netherlands.

Health Insurance

Some people may also be able to receive healthcare benefits if they meet certain conditions. To receive healthcare benefits you:

  • Must be over 18 years’ old
  • Must have a Dutch health insurance
  • Must have a Dutch nationality or residence permit
  • Are not allowed to have a higher income than the annually fixed amount of maximum income.
  • May not have more than a certain amount worth of assets.

National Insurance Scheme

The National Insurance Scheme is mandatory for everyone who works or lives in the Netherlands. The contributions are either paid by pay-roll tax or income tax. The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration is responsible for the collection of the contributions and the benefits are paid out by the Social Insurance Bank (SVB). The following benefits fall under the National Insurance Scheme:

  • General Child Benefit (AKW)
  • Long-term Care Act (WLZ)
  • National Survivor Benefits (ANW)
  • General Old Pensions (AOW)

More information on the National Insurance Scheme and its benefits can be found on the Answers for Business website.

Employee Insurance

In the Netherlands, employers and employees are obligated to pay social contributions. These contributions are either part of the pay-roll tax or income tax. By paying these contributions, people will be covered for a loss of income due to:

  • Unemployment (WW)
  • Sickness (ZW)
  • At least 35% unfit to do work (WIA

Self-employed professionals do not fall automatically under this scheme, but are able to do this voluntarily.  Check the Answers for Business website for more information.

Business Insurance

In the Netherlands it is not mandatory to get an insurance for any risks you have by owning a business. There are, however, several options of voluntarily insuring oneself by a wide variety of insurance companies. These insurances include liability insurance, sick leave insurance, etc. Check out the Answers for Business website for more information.