Education & Internships


The Dutch educational system has been praised throughout the world. Amsterdam has three higher educational institutions. These are:

  • The University of Amsterdam (UVA): The UVA is the biggest university of the Netherlands. Noteworthy are its economic faculty, legal department, medical centre and science park, which recently opened Startup Village.
  • The Free University (VU): The VU is the second biggest university of Amsterdam. It has excellent Life Sciences, Economic, IT and science departments.
  • Amsterdam University of Applied Science (HVA): The HVA is a more practical orientated institution. It has a wide variety of departments, for example the economic, technical and a digital media and creative industry sections.

Tech and Startup Academies

Thousands of students graduate from Amsterdam’s top universities every year. There is an abundance of tech and startup academies where people educate and re-educate themselves. Codaisseur, New York Design and Coding Academy, The Talent Institute and other organisations train a workforce that can code and grow your tech company to world domination.

Startup academies B. Startup School Amsterdam (BSSA) and the Growth Tribe Academy invite startups to provide trainee and intern positions for pupils. In addition, they organise matchmaking events for graduates and startup teams. Find out more about how your team can work with BSSA and Growth Tribe Academy.


To get in contact with young and talented people, providing internships may be a good idea. In order to hire an intern, your company has to be registered as an accredited work placement company. You can apply to become a work placement company at this link.

Interns may sometimes fall under different employment legislation than normal employees, depending on the type of employment:

Real Employment: The intern falls under standardized employment rules and the employer has to pay him/her and deduct his/hers social contributions accordingly. Furthermore, the intern will fall under the normal health insurance legislations for employers.

Fictional Employment: The intern is not eligible for minimum wages, but he/she receives a monthly fee which is usually between the 200-800 euros, based on the level of education and the working hours of the intern. A share of the intern’s fee has to be deducted for the ZWV. However, fictional employed interns are not covered by the wage payment obligation (loondoorbetalingsverplichting bij ziekte.)